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Welcome to the French-speaking part of Switzerland
Who are the inventors of Velcro, aluminum foil, broth cubes, the chicken dance... The Swiss! Close your eyes and imagine: Switzerland… what comes to mind?
Chocolate, cheese, Heidi, mountains, watchmaking, banks, order and cleanliness. The list goes on. In this new travel guide, we will bring accompany you to discover the “territories” of our French-speaking Helvetian neighbors, which we are certain will surprise you.
You will discover Geneva, the most French of the Swiss cities, Lausanne, flagshiip of alternative culture, Sion and its neighbors nestled in a setting of vineyards and orchards, where the
sunlit hours are the warmest in the Confederation. You will be mesmerized by landscapes of extreme beauty of the Lake Geneva Riviera with views of numerous peaks at more than 4,000 meters. This includes the Matterhorn, one of the icons of the country.
We hope that this trip will charm you as much we were and that at the end of your stay you will ask yourself: “Why did I not think to do this earlier?”